Breathable Crib Mattress Reviews – Reduce the Risk of SIDS

Does your baby roll in the middle of the night and sleep face down?

Finally, a crib mattress that is breathable.


This article will take you on a short journey of choosing a safe breathable crib mattress for your baby.

When you shop for crib mattress yourself, you are looking for something that is safe for your little one. Your baby needs that because it makes easier to fall asleep for your baby in the crib. Choosing the best crib mattress can be very difficult and confusing but the best way to pick a mattress is much easier. This mattress will allow your baby to breathe freely through the mattress.

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Is This Mattress Important?

A breathable mattress is important because your baby can face on it and breathe with no problem. You need not worry when your baby puts face on it, your baby will not suffocate. It allows the airflow through it and your baby can fully breathe.

It’s a great peace for the mind if your baby is a stomach sleeper. Your baby will spend more hours if it is made with breathable material and without all those potentially harmful chemicals.

Breathable Baby Mattress Reduce the Risk of SIDS (Keep your Baby Safe)

From one month to one year baby’s cause of death for infants, Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), also known as crib death or cot death. It’s caused when the baby is unable to breathe properly while sleeping on the mattress. That’s why the popularity of breathable mattress is increasing day by day.

Breathable baby mattress helps baby to enjoy sleeping and grow properly but it also helps them to breathe properly through the mattress. If baby puts a face on it, he/she will be able to fully breathe. 90% of all SIDS deaths are in babies under six months old. So as parents, one of the critical questions now confusing you that which crib mattresses are safe for babies? The answer is simple. Materials in the crib, bassinet, cradle, and portable-crib mattresses may be harmful and even potentially life threatening to your baby. Many parents who are aware of these issues are preferring a breathable baby mattress. The mattress is important, but the main thing to determine is that whether the mattress is non-toxic and made of safe materials.

Top 4 Best Breathable Baby Crib Mattress

Read through to know the options and choose a safe breathable baby mattress.

Best Recommended

#1 Newton Crib Mattress & Toddler Mattress

  • Parents will love to buy this mattress because they will sleep better without worrying whether their baby will roll all over her/his bed or not.
  • Very easily washable ( both mattress and mattress cover)
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Firm enough for tiny ones, comfortable enough as they grow.
  • Many parents give zero complaints, and would absolutely recommend this mattress.
  • Great customer service.
  • It’s pricey, but it is well worth the investment for your child.
Newton Crib Mattress & Toddler Mattress: 100% Breathable, Washable, and Recyclable

This baby crib mattress is recommended as the best breathable mattress to any new parents if you were already planning to buy one of the best expensive breathable baby mattresses.

#2 Mittagong 3D Breathable Washable Baby Rest Crib Mattress

  • Many parents are impressed with the quality of this baby mattress because of it’s lightweight and that it is made with the six surface breathable hollow 3D structures.
  • It is breathable and absorbent.
  • Mattress covers that will help keep the baby cool and dry when accidents or leakage happens.
  • Machine washed, easy to clean, waterproof and very soft.
  • Soft, foldable and portable mat; great for travel.
  • Anti-bacterial material.
Breathable Crib Mattress

At the end, many parents recommended this mattress especially for the price.

#3 Dexbaby Breathe Free Miracle Mat

This mattress will give you peace of mind when your little guy insists on sleeping face down. This breathable mattress pad is creating a safer sleep environment while making the crib a softer, cushier place. It’s made of the same stuff that the breathable mesh crib liners are made of. It is machine washable and laboratory tested for suffocation. It has enhanced air circulation around the baby.

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breathable crib mattress

The secure beginnings safe sleep mattress is Eco-friendly mattress and it comes with passive airflow system that allows baby to breathe freely. This crib mattress is safe and it does not contain any harmful toxic material which can harm your little one. The mattress is made with best quality material which will help the baby sleep comfortably and also breathe properly when face on it. Let’s see some specifications and features which made this mattress more secure and safe for your baby.

The mattress comes with an open box frame which is really unusual. It doesn't have a fiberfill. It has locking bar and is designed beautifully. This is handcrafted in Michigan. It comes in with many different finishes, colors, and the toppers come in a wide range of colors. You can have a lot of fun for your nursery decor.

  • Open cell sleep surface allows baby to breathe freely.
  • Very comfortable to sleep and breathe.
  • This mattress is solid hardwood base.
  • Espresso base has no harmful toxins, nano-coatings or out-gassing.
  • Made with polyester. This is why it will provide a smooth and comfortable sleep.
  • Easily removable sleep surface and easy to wash.
  • It is safe and no chemicals are used – it’s scientifically proved.
  • No need of any kind of pads, sheets or bumper.
  • It is made in the USA with high-quality material and fabrics.

This secure beginnings safe sleep crib mattress is completely safe for the babies with no harmful toxins and chemicals. There is no fiber filling at all and it is so breathable while the baby is sleeping. This mattress is for your toddler who suffered from night terrors. Night terrors are associated with overheating at night. This mattress prevents that and you should not have night terror episodes anymore.

How to find which materials are used in the crib mattresses?
  • Filling Material:

    Most of the baby mattresses use Polyurethane foam as the filling material. It’s highly made with petroleum and flammable materials. It contains several of polyurethane foam such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and other well established toxic chemicals.
  • Waterproof Covering (Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) with Phthalates): 

    Most of the crib mattresses have a vinyl covering for waterproofing purposes. Vinyl (polyvinyl chloride or PVC) is one kind of plastic and known as toxic. Also, some chemicals are used in it such as chemical plasticizers that are also known for their negative effects on the ozone.

Healthy Breathable Baby Mattress

When we are talking about breathable baby mattress, it means fully breathable. Most of the breathable baby mattress in the world are made of breathable materials. In the market, there are some mattresses that come with vinyl covering to make it water proof. That is not original breathable mattress, original mattress is firm, comfortable and allows for breathing through the mattress with no blocking of air movement. Never buy a mattress that you are not sure unless it is certified to be safe for your baby use.

The Best Breathable Mattress Contains:

  • No harmful chemicals such as phthalates, antimony, and various biocides.
  • There are also no nano-coatings to make them waterproof and no chemicals to make them flame retardant.
  • There is no reason to make breathable mattresses waterproof since they contain no fiber fill that can become contaminated.
  • They are naturally flame retardant by design.
How the Breathable Mattress Works

This type of mattress allows an infant with face-straight-down to breathe normally. It consists of an open box with decorative side cutouts that facilitate passive airflow. You can remove the fiberfill and replace it with the permeable sleep surface that is stretched on across the top surface using a brilliantly engineered lacking buyer system.

This system makes the sleep surface easily removable for laundering. No sheets, no mattress pads, no bumpers are required. The entire mattress drops quickly in any standard sized crib just like a traditional fiber-filled crib mattress and it also fits into toddlers beds.

Advantages and Disadvantages


A breathable baby mattress made up of the permeable sleeping surface which allows baby to breathe freely through the mattress. Every parent when looking something for their baby, the first thing they look for is safety. Breathable baby Crib Mattress is tested as a safer alternative to conventionally designed crib mattresses and allows your baby to breathe freely through the open-celled sleep surface. The side openings allow air to constantly circulate, resulting in a safer, more comfortable sleep for your baby.

This baby crib mattress has no harmful chemicals such as phthalates, antimony, and various biocides. There are also no nano-coatings to make them waterproof. There is no matter to make these breathable mattresses waterproof since they contain no fiber fill that can become contaminated. They are designed naturally flame retardant.

It’s made with a 3D medical grade spacer fabric. That is middle layer of the spacer fabric forms a micro-climate, which allows heat and vapor to dissipate next to the body. But, the heat is channeled into the middle layer and keeping the baby warm, while helping to maintain a stable body core temperature for a better night’s sleep.


At the point of the disadvantage of this mattress is that the mattress have fiber and it also the cozy effect of the sponge.

Another problem is that the baby will not get bouncy. But the mattress is more comfortable and safe for the baby to sleep. Sometimes, quality has costs and it is a great mattress for baby.

Final Word

If you are looking for the crib mattress for your baby it can be a daunting task. It’s not just the options that make this task extremely difficult for you and lack of knowledge is the major reason. Though there are many products that are easily available on the market but getting the one that fits your needs is a task that usually consumes time. So, if you want to find this mattress for your baby we have mentioned above you can go for any of those. The most important part is choosing the breathable mattress that can keep the baby healthy and safe.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q: What are the benefits of a Breathable Mattress?

A: It is an amazing mattress, allows your baby to breathe freely when put a face on it.

Q: Are there any harmful chemicals in these Mattresses?

A: No, these mattresses contain no harmful chemicals as mentioned above.

Q: Is this breathable baby mattress firm enough for newborn?

A: Yes, these crib mattresses have the same amount of deflection as a standard firm crib mattress.

Q: Are the mattresses certified?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the polypropylene plastic have any out gassing?

A: No. The plastic bottom is made from recycled milk jugs which are the same plastics used for children’s toothbrushes.

Q: Is there a weight limit on Breathable Crib Mattress?

A: The Heaven Sent, Safe Sleep, and Breathable Mini Crib Mattresses are designed and tested to hold up to 60 pounds (the weight of an average 8-year-old). Both the Heaven Sent and Safe Sleep Mattresses easily transition to a toddler bed as your baby gets older.

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