Best Baby Carrier For Petite Mom & Short Moms In 2021

Once you have gotten your baby into an adoring and cherishing embrace, it isn’t easy to let go! This feeling is entirely appreciative, as a unique relationship is established between the parents and the baby! This unique relationship is purely achieved due to closeness with your little one.

One of the baby products that aids in achieving this is a baby carrier. Depending on the size and type of baby carrier that might fit an individual, it is essential to know that most carriers are adjustable to fit all, even petite moms. Though, getting the best baby carrier for petite moms could be confounding and challenging often.

Baby Carrier For Petite MomAnd with the fact that there are other things to know about your little one, figuring out the baby carrier that will work well for your little one as a petite mom might cause extra tension and exhaustion. Knowing fully well that you have other baby items to handle while you are inside or outside the home.

Hence, you will surely want to ask, which is the best baby carrier for petite mom as you might be one of those on the learning curve? Don’t worry. You will get the answer to all the questions bothering you in this article as I have made a collection of the ten best baby carriers for petite moms. Moreover, I have given answers to some questions you might have.

So tighten your seat belt while taking you through a comprehensive compilation about the best baby carrier for petite mom. But, before that, let’s address carriers for petite moms under the following points.

About Petite Mom

About Petite MomPetite is a complicated body variant classification as it encompasses all body types, you may be petite yet short, or you have long legs, curvy hips, or an enormous bust. Petite mom’s usually come in all sizes and shapes, a characteristic that plays a crucial part when it comes to style [fashion].

Moms often regarded as petite, are ones having heights less than about 161cm. Petite moms moreover have short trunks [torso]. Some also have short arms and thin shoulders. Hence this form of baby carrier for petite moms is ideal in this setting.

What Makes Newborn Carriers For Petite Moms Different from other Products?

Newborn Carriers For Petite MomsPetite moms often find the right and appropriate-sized carrier challenging. Most petite carriers are designed so that the carrier helps them feel comfortable without any back pain or strain.

The newborn carriers for petite moms should be highly adjustable as no petite mom wants to toil with the size. There are different carriers designed to satisfy petite moms. Other products focus on criteria like comfortable clothing and style, but they are not advantageous for petite moms.


8 Best Baby Carrier For Petite Moms (Comparison)

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Mini 3D Jersey BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Mini 3D Jersey
  • Weight Range: 7-24 lbs.
  • Carrying Position: Front either facing in or facing out.
  • Strap Type: Shoulder.
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Tula Baby Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier Tula Baby Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier
  • Weight Range: 7-45 lbs.
  • Carrying Position: Front.
  • Strap Type: Shoulder Strap, Adjustable Strap.
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Boba Wrap Baby Carrier Boba Wrap Baby Carrier
  • Weight Range: 3.3-35 lbs.
  • Carrying Position: Front.
  • Strap Type: Shoulder.
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Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Beco Gemini Baby Carrier
  • Weight Range: 7-35 lbs.
  • Carrying Position: Front.
  • Strap Type: Shoulder Strap.
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Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling
  • Weight Range: 8-35 lbs.
  • Carrying Position: Front.
  • Strap Type: Padded.
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Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier
  • Weight Range: Newborn up to 35 lbs.
  • Carrying Position: Front.
  • Strap Type: Shoulder.
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Konny Baby Carrier Konny Baby Carrier
  • Weight Range: Newborns to 44 lbs.
  • Carrying Position: Front(Inward-facing/Outward-facing position).
  • Strap Type: Wrap Sling.
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Rockin’ Baby Love and Peace or Else Pouch Rockin’ Baby Love and Peace or Else Pouch
  • Weight Range: Infants to 40 lbs.
  • Carrying Position: Front.
  • Strap Type: Shoulder.
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1. Tula Baby Carrier


  • Weight: 2.14 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5 inches.
  • Orientation: Front, Back.

Tula Baby Carrier

This is a best front and back baby carrier that is made using colorful European textiles. It provides ultimate comfort, has front and back carrying positions. Its max weight is 45 lbs. This baby carrier provides protection and comfort for the baby.

Features and It’s Benefits

Ergonomic Positions
This baby carrier has front and back carrying positions. It is comfortable and promotes healthy hip development for your baby.

Baby Hood
This carrier has a removable hood that protects your baby from the sun and gives you privacy while breastfeeding your baby.

Easy To Clean
This carrier is very easy to clean, so there is no need to worry about your carrier getting dirty. This carrier is machine washable.


Very comfortable.
Super lightweight.
Very versatile.
Allows breastfeeding.


Gets dirty easily.

2. Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier


  • Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches.
  • Orientation: Front, Back.

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

This all-position baby carrier is best baby carrier for bad back, and you can use it for your son or daughter right from birth to toddlerhood. It has different ways of flexibility. As your child grows, you can wear the carrier meant for the hip or back; it is a hip carrier and a back carrier. It’s absolutely one of the best carriers, and it gives both the parents and babies comfort. It is the best baby carrier for petite mom. It is made of 100% cotton, and it is very breathable. This carrier enhances the relaxation and safety of your child.

Features and It’s Benefits

All Carry Positions
All Carry PositionWhen your baby is around 4 – 6 months old, the baby begins to explore the world. The 360° baby carrier helps you in nurturing your baby’s growth. Ergobaby 360 all-position baby carrier allows you to carry or keep your baby in all positions: inward, front-outward, front-inward, hip, and carry on the back.

Machine Washable and Protective Features
The hood serves as protection from the sun and gives a nursing mother enough privacy for easy breastfeeding. Ergobaby 360° is machine washable. The drool bib carrier accessory (separately sold) allows for easy cleaning.

Comfortable and Ergonomic:
The carrier seat is very adjustable, and it supports babies in all carry positions. It distributes your baby’s weight properly because of the lumbar support waist belt and padded shoulder straps.

Summarily, unlike some baby carriers for travel on the market, you can use this carrier in different ways and in all positions to ensure flexibility and versatility. Also, the carrier will allow your child to sit in the “M” natural position.


It’s extra padding.
Very flexible and easy to use.
Nice and perfect design.
Its excellent weight distribution eliminates pains at pressure points.


Not suitable for newborn children less than three months old unless insert for infants is present.

3. Ergobaby Omni 360 All-in-one Ergonomic Baby Carrier


  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.18 x 9.13 x 10.43 inches.
  • Orientation: Front, Back, Hip.

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-in-one Ergonomic Baby Carrier

This one has all changing positions with enough ventilation to keep both the caregiver and baby relaxed. And it offers the best fit for all parents. It has a cool air mesh. This carrier is a you-can-have-it-all carrier. This carrier has a shoulder strap that gives you a personalized fit. It allows breastfeeding.

Features and It’s Benefits

Lumbar Support
Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier lambar supportThe lumbar support waist belt has a double adjuster that enables easy tightening, ensuring enough comfort by giving you enough support to prevent lower back pain. And if you want a crisscross option, it features padded shoulder straps.

Adjustable, and a Detachable Storage Pouch
The storage pouch helps you hold everything you might need, like baby toys, diapers, baby wipes, phones, keys, wallets. And the storage pouch is detachable, which makes it easy to wash. The carrier fits all parents, and it adjusts easily to fit wearers from petite to larger body types.

Baby Hood
This carrier has a baby hood for sun protection and enough privacy for you as a woman to breastfeed your baby.

Ergonomic Carrying Position
With this carrier, you can carry your baby in all positions: front-inward, front-outward, hip, and back carry. This carrier allows your baby to sit in the natural “M” position and provides enough support for your baby.


Has a privacy hood.
An infant insert is not required.
This body carrier is machine washable.
Different colour options.


With a baby inside the carrier, the chest straps become difficult to adjust.

4. Clevrplus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier


  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 30 x 16 inches.
  • Orientation: Back.

Clevrplus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier

This is one of the best baby carrier for hiking adventure, and it is designed for infants. It is a baby carrier for hiking, and it is designed for children up to 48 months. This carrier is fabricated with a lightweight but tough and reinforced metal frame and an oxford cloth of 600d, it has a very great support system, it is very safe, and it is a carrier with padded shoulder straps.

ClevrPlus baby backpack/Hiking child carrier comes in five different colors to choose from. It is very affordable and allows outdoor adventures, and is perfect for hiking. It is a hiking baby carrier.

Features and It’s Benefits

Multiple Storage Pouches
Multiple Storage PouchesBeing one of the best baby carrier for petite mom, it has multiple pockets for storage where you can keep anything, and everything you might need like toys, keys, drinking bottles, diapers, phones, wipes, and the list goes on.

Sun and Rain Canopy
This carrier has a sun and rain cover which protects your baby from all weather conditions. It is very secure for your baby to sleep.

This carrier is very strong and lightweight, weighing 5.5 pounds yet firm to make both you and your baby comfortable.


Exceptional quality.
Perfect for hiking and outdoor.
This baby carrier has a sunshade and rain cover.
This travel baby carrier has padded shoulder straps.


It has a max weight limit of 33 lbs, which is quite low, unlike other carriers.

5. Babybjörn New Baby Carrier


  • Weight: 2.81 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.42 x 22.83 x 0.39 inches.
  • Orientation: Front, Back.

Babybjörn New Baby Carrier

different carrying positionsThis baby carrier has two different carrying positions: facing-outwards and facing-inwards, and it provides closeness between caregivers and their newborns or babies. This is a small and very easy-to-use baby carrier. It securely fits parents with few adjustments. It offers support for the spine, neck, head, and hips, and it is also well-protected.

This best baby carrier for air travel has two positions, the front-outwards position and front-inwards position, which means you can carry your child either facing inwards or outwards without the use of inserts or pillow.

Features and It’s Benefits

Easy And Secure
This carrier is easy to wear and put off by yourself. And you can use it at any time.

Smart Safety Click And Two-part Design
Because of the colored buckles and smart safety click, it becomes impossible to fasten your carrier incorrectly. This design allows you to carry your newborn kid without waking them from sleep.


Great for infants without the use of inserts.
Easy to use and remove.
Very lightweight design.
Provides neck and head support.


Older babies cannot use this carrier.

6. Baby Tula Discover Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier


  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 11.1 x 5.8 inches.
  • Orientation: Front, Back.

Baby Tula Discover Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier

It has a simple design, it enables you to be close to your baby, and has an ergonomic carrying position. It’s one of the best baby carrier for hot weather, it is a suitable summer baby carrier. There is no need for an infant insert.

This is a front and back facing baby carrier that is easy to use and provides adequate support and comfort to your newborns and toddlers. It is straightforward to carry your baby in and out of it, and when you keep your baby inside, he or she feels comfortable.

Features and It’s Benefits

Ergonomic Carrying Position
The baby carrier has multiple ergonomic carrying positions for both you and your baby’s comfort and relaxation.

Adaptable Panel and Shoulder Straps:
This Tula carrier is among the best baby carrier for petite mom. Its width and height are adjustable to suit your baby at any stage (newborn to toddler). This baby carrier has adjustable padded shoulder straps and a waist belt for maximum comfort for you and your baby.


A front-facing carrier and back facing carrier.
Availability in a comprehensive and different range of designs.
It enables you to be close to your baby.


Not an all-position carrier.

7. Lillebaby The Complete Airflow 360° Ergonomic Baby Carrier


  • Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 4 x 11 inches.
  • Orientation: Front, Back.

Lillebaby The Complete Airflow 360° Ergonomic Baby Carrier

It is perfect for all seasons and weather travel. Whether the climate is cold, hot, or neutral, the Lillebaby carrier is the best baby carrier for petite mom. It ensures your Baby’s protection and comfort. In areas where you cannot predict the climate, the carrier provides a safer way to travel with your child. You can also wear this baby carrier in any position you want or that suits you the most.

This baby carrier is arguably one of the best travel baby carrier for any family traveling in areas where the weather is unpredictable. This baby carrier provides the baby’s comfort and protection. It is not an ideal choice for breastfeeding moms, however.

Features and It’s Benefits

Lumbar Support
This child carrier offers superior comfort because of the exceptional lumbar support. There is an even distribution of the baby’s weight, and it relieves lower back pressure.

Hands-Free Comfort
When on the go, Lillebaby lets you hold your baby in style and comfort, and it has adjustable side panels and a comfortable seat for hip positioning.

A Versatile Child Carrier
Lillebaby’s complete baby carrier provides support and comfort for both you and your baby. This carrier has a large storage pocket, removable sleeping good, and an extendable torso.

Six Positions
Lillebaby complete baby carrier provides six different carrying styles for you and your Baby’s relaxation and comfort.


Perfect for all climates or seasons.
Ideal for toddlers and newborns.
It is machine washable and easy to use.
Extra back support.


Not a right choice for breastfeeding.

8. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier


  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 10 inches.
  • Orientation: Front, Back, Hip.

Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

The wrap is not comfortable to wear for some people. However, Infantino sash wrap is very easy to wear and put off because of its tie design and buckle-free wrap. This baby carrier is very flexible, and it has three different positions: hip hugger, backpack, and facing in. The carrier’s seat is made to balance your child’s weight.

This baby carrier is founded on Mei Tai, an ancient type of baby carrier, which allows comfort and flexibility. This is a unique carrier because it adjusts naturally to your body size. Infantino sash baby carrier is very easy to take along during your travel because of its light weight.

Features and It’s Benefits

Detachable Hood
This in-facing baby carrier has a hood for protection from the sun and when your baby wants to nap. It’s also detachable.

Three Different Ergonomic Carrying Position
This carrier’s carrying positions are mainly the backpack, hip hugger, and also the facing-in. Hence, making your baby feel cozy and having a nice time inside the carrier.

Simple Design and Buckle – Free
The buckle-free and tie design naturally fit your body for your comfort, and it is very easy to wear and put off.


Easy to use and wear.
This carrier does not require any adjustments.
Machine washable.


Not ideal for long time usage.

9. Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier


  • Weight: 1.46 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.58 x 8.54 x 2.83 inches.
  • Orientation: Front.

Baby K'tan Print Best Baby Wrap Carrier

This baby carrier helps you create a strong and emotional bond with your baby or babies. It is made up of 100% cotton, it has excellent portability, and you can wear it for as long as you want. You can also wear the carrier in 5 positions. This best baby carrier is a wrap without the wrapping. This carrier is hassle-free, buckle-free, and hands-free. You can wear it like a t-shirt, and the double loop design gives you the security you need.

Baby K’tan best baby wrap carrier is one of the very easy Carriers to wear for anyone. It allows breastfeeding, and it is very light.

Features and It’s Benefits

Simple Design With Five Carrying Positions
This is arguably the best baby carrier for petite mom in terms of being very easy and quick to wear; with no excess fabric, no belt, no buckles, this infant carrier is a wrap with no wrapping. This carrier has five different ergonomic positions for your baby’s comfort and relaxation.

This carrier is comfortable to use since it distributes your baby’s weight evenly. It is also made of 100% natural cotton and the fabric is very soft on your baby’s skin.


It is machine washable..
Wrapping is not required.
Very easy to wear and remove.
Breastfeeding is allowed.


Baby K’tan stretches out after a while because of the cotton fabric.

10. Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier


  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.93 x 11.22 x 10.87 inches.
  • Orientation: Front, Back.

Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier

This baby carrier provides safety for your baby or babies. Juno carries a baby from newborn to 48 months. It has four carry positions: front face-in, back, side carry, and front face-out. This baby carrier provides safety and relaxation for both the caregiver and baby or babies.

Features and It’s Benefits

Protective Hood
It can be regarded as the best baby carrier for healthy hips, as it provides support for the neck and head region support and protects the baby from sunlight. And it gives you privacy while you breastfeed your baby.

Ergonomic Carrying Positions
This carrier has four different carrying positions: front face out, hip carrying mode, front face in, back carrying.


Comfortable for baby and caregiver.
Perfect quality.
Can be used for an extended period.


Waist band is a little thick.

What Do You Look For In The Types Of Baby Carrier For A Petite Mom

What Do You Look For In The Types Of Baby Carrier For A Petite MomThe type of baby carrier that fits your considerations is the best for you. When choosing the best baby carrier for a petite mom, there are certain qualities a newborn carrier must entail for it to be ideal for a petite mom, such as:

When searching for the best baby carriers for petite moms, you should not get an infant carrier of the universal length that suits all, instead look for baby carriers of different sizes as the adjustability of the carrier at times may not be enough.

Adjustability of the Baby carrier:
Adjustability of the Baby carrierMost newborn carriers are not mainly manufactured for petite moms. Nevertheless, when looking for a petite mom carrier, you need to ensure that the baby carrier has highly adjustable height settings and waistbelts, and the length to fit your requirement. It is paramount for your growing newborn child and also you.

Baby carrier ComfortWhat is the essence of a baby carrier that doesn’t give both the petite mom and the newborn comfort? You also need to be careful about the ring slings as you will want a proper distribution of your baby’s weight without giving you back pain, strain, or a painful shoulder.

Keep it in mind that your little one is still growing, and at times you will need to carry them for a more extended period, and even if you feel any pain or strain, it should be very minimal.

Baby carrier SafetyIt is vital to get a baby carrier that possesses the infant insert feature and keeps your newborn infant in an optimally secured and stable babywearing position. Hence, it should possess every bit of comfort, and in turn, foster growth for the baby’s hips while absorbing the baby’s weight.

As a petite mom, when you have a baby sling that has options about fastening, straps, and buckles, you have to make sure to learn how to fasten properly and strap your baby, and you can learn various ways of tying.


Baby Carrier For Petite Moms Buying Guide

Weight range:
Baby carrier Weight rangeThe duration you intend to use the baby carrier for and the baby’s weight should help you select the right sling. A manufacturer always lists the weight range that their carrier supports.

You will need to search for bigger ranges or even carriers with specially designed infant inserts for your baby’s weight. If you are a parent with lots of children, then this is a vital feature to have in mind. At times, your older baby might want to be worn, and having a sling that supports him/her is a plus!

Materials and breathability:
Baby carrier Materials and breathabilityThere is usually warmth between you and your infant child while babywearing. Hence, when buying a sling, get a baby carrier that absorbs heat moderately. Else, some fabric will cause overheating in your baby’s body during warmer weather.

You will have to search for a sling whose fabric is breathable and allow airflow to keep both you and your baby warm and cool. Naturally, cotton and linen fabric help your newborn not to overheat. Due to numerous coatings of cloth, stretchy fabrics, on the other hand, will feel very hot for you and your baby.

Mesh panels promote breathability, so always go for a carrier with mesh panels because it is very significant for warmer climates. Mesh panels assist in better and good airflow – Just what you desire and when the weather is hot. Some come with zippers that you can close and open to allow more airflow.

The fittings, technique utilized in babywearing, and the different positions your baby takes indicate how safe a carrier will be. It will help if you put your newborn in the appropriate hip and leg position to ensure natural hip development. It is not surprising that some parents are worried about carriers having a link to hip dysplasia.

A carrier should enable your baby to spread their body in an ‘M’ position. It is advisable to get a soft structured carrier [SSC]. And importantly, one with an extensive panel comfortable for spreading your baby’s hips and bending their legs naturally. Examples include:

Meh Dai: It is a soft structured baby carrier that emerged from China. It possesses a body panel, and at each end, four pieces of fabric are wrapped around the parent.

They are highly adjustable, so people of different body sizes can use Meh Dai, including petite moms. It is effortless and has no heavy paddings and buckles. Weight is distributed evenly among your shoulders with this carrier, so there is less shoulder and back pain. And it also comes in different, beautiful patterns and colors.

Final Word

It is completely important to spend time with your baby by carrying them, which brings him/her closer to your heart. Nevertheless, it can be a very tasking thing to do, and that is where the idea of a baby carrier for petite moms becomes crucial. This offers you a hands-free day to multitask while you have your baby being carried.

Furthermore, a baby carrier will always provide you a convenient way to cuddle and have your baby near. They are made to support your newborn and relieve you of stress. Every product is high in quality, eye-catching, and very adjustable to fit into any body type. Therefore you can get one of the best carriers for petite moms listed above.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

At What Age Should A Newborn Be Carried With A Baby Carrier?

4 – 5 months olds, as well as newborns, can be carried in a baby carrier. But you need to have one thing at the back of your mind that babies need to be 4 – 5 months old at least so that their neck muscles can be strong enough to hold and support their head.

Which Is A Better Newborn Wrap Or Carrier?

Both have their pros and cons; some parents are fans of a carrier while some parents are fans of a newborn wrap. Both are good and different in their way, but baby wraps can be hard to try, particularly for a mom who is new to babywearing; despite that, don’t be held back by fear because wraps can be fun too.

No wrap is designed without its flaws. Depending on the kind of wrap you use, you will encounter a different set of cons. A stretchy wrap is easy to use, and it is a one-size-fits-all because you can tie the wrap before putting your baby in the wrap. But, a stretchy one does not give much support, so it is good to be used during the newborn stage alone, and it cannot be used as a back carry because it is not firm enough to ensure safety.

Woven wraps are very comfortable for both you and your newborn. It is very firm because as you wear your newborn, it can support you and your baby. With woven wraps, you will need to learn new wrapping techniques as your baby grows.

Carriers are easy to master. And for first-time parents, it becomes the perfect choice because a carrier is very easy to put your newborn in and adjust. It does have its flaw. A carrier tends to be more expensive than a wrap.

Do Baby Carriers Cause Hip Dysplasia?

Not all baby carriers hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a condition in which the hips are not developing properly. That is why, when you are choosing a newborn carrier, you should choose the one that allows you to carry your baby in the ‘M’ position to ensure natural hip development. Sure, you will get your favorite baby carrier from the carriers addressed in this article.

What Is The Favorite Baby Carrier For A Petite Mom?

There are different types of baby carriers to pick from. In this article, 10 different carriers have been addressed for petite moms, but most parents consider the baby K’tan product the best baby carrier. Baby K’tan is a wrap that needs no wrapping. This is its selling point.

What Should A Newborn Wear In A Baby Carrier?

Dress your newborn in an outfit that will keep them warm in the baby carrier, dress them in light layers of clothing. You can dress them in leg warmers, tights, or oversized fleece pajamas. And be sure that your baby’s hands, head, and feet are covered.

Are Baby Carriers For Petite Moms Safe For Babies?

Yes, they are safe. Carrying a newborn infant is not a child’s play, so you should be attentive and careful when using a newborn product. Some parents believe the most stressful method of carrying a newborn is the back carry method. Also, do not forget to have rules for wearing. The baby carriers must be tight enough, so both you and your baby can feel comfortable; it must be ergonomic to prevent hip development. And there are some sporadic cases where newborn carriers are not very safe for babies.

If your newborn has a low birth weight, you might need to rethink the idea of using any baby carrier after meeting and consulting your doctor or medical personnel. One of the reasons baby carriers are designed is safety. A newborn carrier is not a suitable baby carrier if it is not safe for both the petite mom and the baby. Also, when you get a carrier designed for petite moms, then safety is guaranteed.

Do Baby Carriers For Petite Moms Work?

Yes, it works! Different types of baby carriers will fit you. The best baby carrier for a petite mom works wonders, but not every baby carrier is designed for petite moms. With the best carrier, a petite mom is sure to get her satisfaction on the carrier and their babies will get the utmost comfort and safety. In this article, petite moms will know about the newborn carriers meant for them.

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