Best Kid Mattress 2022 – The Ultimate Guide And Reviews

Your little angel is going to move from crib mattresses for infants to the best kid mattress. Are you thinking about how this is possible?

This transition should be a follow-up to signs that the kid shows. At times they climb on the crib in an attempt to escape the frame. Some kids will literarily request a change in the best way they can.

Best Mattress for kids To those asking for the time, this transition might likely be. The simplest response is that there is no fixed period. It depends on the individual child. As loving parents, you are to keep in mind and keep an eye on your baby to recognize the right moment for the change.

But no doubt, to choose the best kid mattress, you’re now experiencing the same stress that you had before your child’s birth about finding the crib mattress. Right?

Relax! There are good options for you.

Ensuring a healthy sleeping environment for your kid is very important as good sleep has a significant impact on your growing child. Keeping this in mind, we’ve searched, tested, researched a lot, and finally picked the five best mattresses for kids.

Here we also include a child mattress buying guide that will help you to get the answer to “how to choose a mattress for your child and which is the best mattress type for kids.”

So, read on to discover the best organic mattress for kids.

Best Mattress For Kids (Quick Comparison)

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
LinenSpa Mattress LinenSpa Mattress
  • Material: 100% Visco Elastic Memory Foam.
  • Thickness: 8 Inches.
  • Mattress Feel: Medium.
  • Weight Limit: Any reasonable amount of human weight.
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LINENSPA Gel Swirl Topper LINENSPA Gel Swirl Topper
  • Material: 100% Polyurethane Foam.
  • Thickness: 3 Inches.
  • Mattress Feel: Plush.
  • Weight Limit: 250lbs.
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AeroBed Air Mattress AeroBed Air Mattress
  • Material: Vinyl.
  • Thickness: 10 Inches.
  • Mattress Feel: Medium.
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs.
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DreamFoam Bedding Mattress DreamFoam Bedding Mattress
  • Material: Vinyl.
  • Thickness: 9 Inches.
  • Mattress Feel: Medium.
  • Weight Limit: 250lbs.
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DreamFoam Ultimate Mattress DreamFoam Ultimate Mattress
  • Material: Latex.
  • Thickness: 10 Inches.
  • Mattress Feel: Medium.
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs.
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1. LinenSpa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress


  • Weight: 30 pounds.
  • Dimension: 75 x 39 x 8 inches (L x W x H).
  • Material Type: Memory Foam.
  • Features: Non-Toxic Materials.

Are you looking for a mattress type with a combination of memory foam and a traditional innerspring hybrid mattress for your child’s new “big kid” room?

If your answer is “YES,” then stop searching here.

This hybrid mattress will offer your kid exceptional support and comfort from the toddler years right through adulthood. The trial period gives room for checking the suitability of your kid.

Features and It’s Benefits

Two Technologies Create One Comfortable Mattress
The memory foam mattress and steel spring work together to provide excellent sleep comfort. LinenSpa is 8 inches thick in total consisting of the following layers:

Memory Foam Layer
Soft and knit cover quilted with gel memory foam- It creates an incredibly comfortable sleep surface.

Surface 1.5″ foam layer- This layer distributes body weight evenly and conforms to the body curves to relieve pressure.

Felt Pad
The 1/2- inch felt pad below the surface layer insulates springs for smooth comfort.

The Support of Steel Springs
The network of 6-inch tempered steel coils provides back support with the right amount of bounce.

Memory foam mattress also enhances the breathability of the mattress. The coils hold the mattress shape and provide edge support.

This mattress uses Certipur us certified materials to ensure safety.

That’s an excellent way to ensure a better night’s sleep for your kid.

Are you worried about longevity? The memory foam mattress is built to last and comes with a strong warranty. So, purchase this mattress for kids with confidence.


It takes a few hours to expand fully.
Compressed and shipped in a box for convenient delivery and setup.
Soft and comfortable.


The spring may create a little noise when you sit on the mattress.
Too thick and inflexible to work on the adjustable bed.

Why LinenSpa?

LinenSpa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress provide the edge support you won’t get from most foam mattresses.

For a thinner mattress, a memory foam mattress is very comfortable and offers excellent support.

If you’re on a budget and looking for great comfort for your kid (for you!), LinenSpa can be the best option.

2. AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids


  • Weight: 1.12 pounds.
  • Dimension: 50 x 25 x 10 inches (L x W x H).
  • Material Type: Heavy-duty PVC.
  • Features: Built-In Air Pump, Inflatable, Indoor Use.

Have you planned to travel with your kids but confused to find the proper accommodation and sleeping surface for them?

There are great and more comfortable ways to travel with your young kids.

Aerobed Air Mattress for kids is a popular choice for parents as it’s easy to take on a trip.

The AeroBed is made for children four and older to provide them comfort and the independence of their beds.

Features and It’s Benefits

Large Sleep Surface with 4-Inch High Surround Cushion
Is your baby a mobile sleeper? Don’t worry!

Its 50 x 25-inch sleep surface and soft bumpers around the entire mattress keep the kids from rolling off the mattress while sleeping. Being low on the ground, it’s stable too.

Horizontal Air Chambers
The parallel air chambers provide extra support to the kid. And there is no report of sagging at all.

Carry Bag
Are you ready to pack up? Just deflates the Aerobed. The included carry bag allows you easy transportation.

What’s more?

Fleece Mattress Cover
The nice thing about this bed is it comes with a fitted Fleece mattress cover that ensures your child’s comfort. The mattress best cover you can rely on with a warranty.

Also, the cover is removable and washable, which is easy to clean.

Fortunately, this AeroBed includes a cover and AC pump. You know, depending on quality, a mattress cover cost about $10 to $50.

You can save this amount as you don’t need to buy these separately.


Rapid inflation (take up to a minute).
Fast deflation.
Very portable when deflated.
Easy to keep clean.


The inflation pump requires an electrical outlet. It may not work with all voltages.

If you require a child travel bed that is easy to use and portable, easy to inflate and deflate, and with great strength, then AeroBed is an excellent choice, no doubt.

3. Dream Foam Bedding


  • Weight: 33 pounds.
  • Dimension: 74 x 54 x 9 inches (L x W x H).
  • Material Type: Cotton.
  • Features: Dual-core TriZone support.

The next product on our list is Ultimate Dreams Full Crazy Euro Top Mattress, from Dream Foam bedding. It’s a renowned company that incorporates the latest technology to better their mattress quality and guarantee you and your kids have a good night’s rest once you lay on them.

The oeko tex certified mattress guarantee a high level of safety with a good warranty on the product. For this mattress, the best warranty is made available to ensure the chosen kid’s bed is comfortable.

Why do you choose Ultimate Dreams Full Crazy Euro Top mattress with so many mattress brands out there?

Features and It’s Benefits

Made From High-Quality Materials
Ultimate Dreams Euro Top mattress is made in the USA and made from 100% USA components so that you don’t have to worry about quality, durability, and other related things.

Dual-core Tri-Zone support
The mattress is made of dual convoluted foam layers with Tri-Zone Support.

The foam fills in all of the natural body curves and gaps, keeping the body aligned while sleeping. It ensures that the body weight is distributed evenly and there are no pressure points on the mattress.

Convoluted Foam-Core Prevents Heat Buildup
Convoluted Foam Core increases airflow and releases heat that prevents normal temperature buildup. Hence, in the controlled temperature room, the mattress works well.

Silky Soft Cotton Covering
It comes with a soft, luxurious cotton cover. It’s easy to keep clean. Also, the naturally cool cotton fabric helps to maintain a cooling sleeping surface. The result is a comfortable, good night’s sleep.


Provides a comfortable, stable sleep surface.
Isn’t too hot or too cold.
Encourages a natural curvature of the spine.


Needs a lot of care.
No metal frame.
Cover is not removable.

Why do we suggest a Euro Top mattress?

It is created to naturally allow a person to sink into the padding and become cradled by the foam.

Its 9 inches thickness is not only great for your child but also great for you if you’re a side sleeper. It’s a great option for pregnant women as well.

Overall, it can be a great addition to any bedroom. These mattresses also serve excellently as bunk beds. If you’re on a budget and looking to replace multiple mattresses in a home, check it out today.

What Is A Euro Top Bed?

In the mattress industry, some common terms may confuse you. “Euro-top and Pillowtop” are two that are easily misunderstood.

If you’re one among these people, let’s proceed on to learn more.

Similarities: Euro top and pillow top both involve an additional layer of padding that provides a luxurious and super-soft surface.

Dissimilarities: The actual difference between the euro top and pillow top are the edges.

A pillow top features rounded “pillow-like” edges that look like a separated pad, although it’s entirely connected to the mattress.

On the other hand, the euro top is squared, and there is no gap between the top layer of padding and the mattress.

If you prefer a slightly firmer surface that still allows them to feel pampered, then the euro top may be an excellent choice for you. It provides a comfort layer that is second to none.

Also, back and stomach sleepers enjoy more on the euro top. With its comfort layer, each of the dram foam beddings functions beautifully as a bed in a box.

4. Dream Foam Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress


  • Weight: 63.2 pounds.
  • Dimension: 74 x 54 x 10 inches (L x W x H).
  • Material Type: Latex foam.
  • Features: High-density foam base with talalay latex.

Are you looking for superior support for your growing child?

Then, Dream Foam Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress can be an excellent choice for you. It’s a luxurious yet durable mattress with enhanced features and a warranty.

The mattress is very comfortable, so you won’t have to deal with a fussy child before bed.

And what’s more?

The latex mattress is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and you won’t have to deal with the stinky off-gassing that memory foam mattresses usually possess.

Features and It’s Benefits

Proudly Made in the USA
Every aspect of the Dream foam mattress manufacturing process is elementary and straightforward.

This kid’s bed or mattress made in the USA and made of 100% quality materials.

Sounds Good?

YES, you don’t need to be worried about its quality and durability.

High-density Foam Base With 3 Inch Talalay Latex Foam
Dream Foam Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress has 3″ Talalay latex foam that makes the foam hypoallergenic and breathable.

It makes this mattress perfect for allergy sufferers.

Quilted Bamboo Cover
The mattress comes with a quilted bamboo cover that contains 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers.

It’s softer than cotton but four times the moisture absorbency of cotton for a more relaxed, drier, more comfortable sleep.

The unique pressure relief effect of this mattress sets it apart from other bunk beds. It functions well as a bed in a box.


Very comfy to sleep on.
Unique design and beautiful looking.
Easy to set up.


Poor stitching.

Although latex mattresses are very expensive, this Dream Foam Ultimate Dreams Mattress is surprisingly affordable.

With its medium-firm feel, this bed provides comfort beyond the limit that can be established before the end of its trial period.

If you’re looking for a healthy and luxurious mattress for your child (and for you!) without spending far too much, this mattress with a high-density foam base will likely be a perfect fit.

5. Linenspa Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper


  • Weight: 16.3 pounds.
  • Dimension: 79 x 59 x 3 inches (L x W x H).
  • Material Type: 100% Polyurethane Memory Foam Gel Beads.
  • Features: Gel and ventilation.

Looking to restore new quality to your old and worn-out mattress? Or, looking to add a comfortable layer to your firm mattress?

Whatever the reason, undoubtedly, a great mattress topper can make your mattress even comfier so that your kids (and you!) sleep comfortably every night.

And Linenspa Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper can be an excellent choice for you. Remember, the trial period allowance gives room for confirmation of these claims on this bed.

Features and It’s Benefits

Gel-Infused For Cooler Sleep
Gel-infused memory foam mattress contours to body shape and thus allows sleeping soundly.

The gel infusion also enhances the airflow and keeps the mattress cool while sleeping on it.

Breathable Open-Cell Memory Foam
The open cell construction increases the airflow and thus enhances the breathability of the foam.

Besides, the open cell topper rapidly regains its shape when the pressure is removed. The result is a long-lasting product.

Calming Blue Swirl Design
The blue swirl design of the memory foam topper adds a touch of whimsy to the sleep routine and brings a relaxed look and feel to your kids’ sleep environment.


Inflates to full size within hours.
No harmful chemicals.


Vacuum sealing sometimes may trap odors. After unwrapping, let it in the air for a few hours to remove trapped odors.
Due to machine-cutting manufacturing processes, there may be slight variances in the dimensions of the mattress.

Linenspa Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper is best suited for those who are looking for comfort and breathable solutions for their kids (and for themselves).

Your kids (and you) can sleep peacefully every night for years on this memory foam mattress topper.

How To Choose a Mattress For a Child

Step 1: Is It The Time To Move Your Kid From Crib To Kid Mattress?

How To Choose a Mattress For a Child The advance in the age of your newborn is met with the challenge of selecting the right mattress for the right period in their development. The best mattress for kids is dependent on the developmental stage of the child.

This journey begins with a typical crib mattress that serves as a comfort zone for newborn babies. The characteristic frame of the crib provides great safety at that particular stage in a child’s life.

As time passes, the once useful frame becomes a huge barrier and obstruction to the child. The child will then begin to climb the crib frame. At this stage, it becomes imperative for the parents to change the mattress.

With your baby’s growth, it’s important to choose a kid’s mattress that is adjustable with his/ her body.

Choosing the right kid’s mattress helps them get a better night’s sleep while giving them the support they need. It is wise to invest in a high-quality mattress that will last a long time.

Step 2: What Type Should You Buy?

Hybrids- provide a great bounce, cooling, pressure relief, and support. A good all-around option for the majority of sleepers.

Latex- provides great responsiveness, cooling, and comfort. Best for sleepers who want to avoid the pronounced hug of a memory foam mattress.

kids Memory Foam Memory Foam- provides great support, pressure relief, and body contouring. It easily fits in a bunk bed. Best for sleepers who want a great hug, pressure relief body shaping, contour, and support.

Coils- provides better comfort and support. Best for sleepers who want the traditional feel with great cooling, bounce, and strong edge support.

Euro Top- provides extra comfort and cushion for the sleepers. Best for sleepers who want cloud-like comfort and support.

Step 3: How Much Should You Pay?

Before buying a mattress Before buying a mattress, fix your budget. It’ll help you to narrow down your choice.

An expensive mattress doesn’t always mean a better mattress. Meanwhile, a good substance also requires good fortune. As children are priceless possession of parents, quality mattresses become affordable.

The higher the price of some reputable child mattress, the longer it takes before changing them. This then makes such mattresses to be cost-effective.

The good news is that a lot of options are now available at fair and reasonable prices. With a few surfing of the internet, the prices of the best mattresses for kids will be made available.

Step 4: What Position Does Your Child Prefer To Sleep In?

What Position Do Your Child Prefer Every child has a preference in the position they sleep on. Truly, they can change position in between sleep, but a particular position will be frequently used. Such include back, stomach, and side sleepers.

Let it be known to you as a parent today that not all mattresses suit every sleeping position of your child. Failure to choose a suitable mattress for the child regarding a sleeping position may result in shoulder, hip, or lower back pain.

Choose the type of mattress relevant to your child’s sleeping style as every sleeping position has its ideal firmness level and owns specific needs.

Side sleepers- need a soft or medium-firm mattress. The design of these mattresses is to reduce pressure on the shoulders and the hips of side sleepers. The hips and shoulders of your child will sink a little into the mattress. This will allow excellent support for the neck and head with good alignment of the spinal cord.

Back sleepers- require enough softness to eliminate pressure points but still have great support. Sleeping with the back is seen as one of the healthiest positions to sleep. Mattresses that provide support for the midsection of your child will be more appropriate. These will enable your child to sleep in a straight and flat position. This also comes with the added advantage of pressure relief to the kids.

Stomach sleepers- need a medium-firm mattress. Children that sleep with their front or stomach enjoy a comfortable sleep. The main concern about them is the back and neck pain that they often develop. The best bet for this kind of child is mattresses that balance support with comfort.

Step 5: How Much Does Your Child Weight?

How Much Does Your Child Weight in mattress It would help if you also consider your kid’s body weight. To the kids with a weight below 130 pounds, the softer versions f the kid’s mattress will be an excellent choice. A more firm child mattress is more appropriate for children with a weight above 230 pounds.

The feel, hug, cooling, support of each mattress is affected by the sleeper’s body weight.

Step 6: Where Can You Buy?

Consider buying mattresses online. It’s easy. Just go online, check some e-commerce sites, then find something that would look great in your kid’s room.

Among companies producing mattresses for kids, the best ones are very common and internet friendly.

Also, consider the availability of features such as the sleep trial period and the seller’s warranty on the bed.

Online mattress companies offer a high-quality product for about 30% of what you’d pay in a department store for a similar bed.

Child Mattress Buying Guide – Things to Consider

No doubt, your children are the most precious to you. And you always try to offer him/ her the best thing.

Choosing the best sleeping environment isn’t different from getting the right mattress.

Among mattresses for kids, the best ones are vital for their healthy growth and mental development. This is as a result of the sound sleep that it made achievable with great comfort and support.

To buy the best mattress for your kids, we know, you’ve already searched a lot. Right?

But now you’re more frustrated because you’ve found the combinations-

  • Waterproof but uncomfortable.
  • Comfortable but expensive.
  • Affordable but not safe.
  • Organic but costly and so many odd combinations.

In our review, we’ve already picked the 5 best mattresses for kids.

Now to provide the parents invaluable assistance in selecting perfect mattresses for their kids, here we’ve included the child mattress buying guide. This is to empower readers with adequate information on mattresses best for kids.

Hope, this guide will be helpful for you, and soon you’ll find out that buying a mattress best for a kid is pleasurable and rewarding.

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Kids

1. Safety

Mattress safety Are you looking for a kids bed that could make your kids or you sick or unsafe”- apparently, you aren’t looking for this.

Don’t purchase without considering safety. Otherwise, it may have negative effects on health.

Always be careful enough to believe that all the materials used are Certipur Us certified with additional certification from other bodies (GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and so on).

Consider The Harmful Chemicals Used In Child’s Mattress

Harmful Chemicals Used In Child’s Mattress The Problem: Do you know that indoor pollutants like certain chemicals, allergens, and chemicals are liable to cause severe health effects in children?

Children tend to breathe through their mouths, and they breathe in proportionately more air than adults.

They also have a higher heart rate than adults. It increases the risk of pulmonary exposure.

The solution: Choose a mattress best for your kid, one that doesn’t use harmful chemicals and non-natural materials.

Consider Chemical Flame Retardants

The problem: To meet the flammability safety standards, chemical flame retardants are used in polyurethane foams.

But the problem is these chemical retardants are very toxic and be absorbed into the human body.

The Solution: Select the mattress that meets the flammability safety standards without using harmful chemical flame retardants.

Consider Certified Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton The problem: A massive amount of pesticides is used in conventional cotton production, and hence it’s one of the unhealthiest crops in the world.

However, organic cotton is entirely opposed to it.

The solution: Look for the Certipur US-certified organic cotton that is the most breathable, comfortable, and soft with a warranty.

2. The Right Size Of The Kid Mattress

Thinks ahead! Think long-term!

After a toddler bed, mattresses for kids are used for their entire adolescence. Isn’t it.

So, be sure to choose a mattress large enough to give your child room to grow.


kid mattress twin It usually comes with a dimension of around 38 x 75 inches. It’s also one of the most inexpensive options.

If you have one kid, this 38 x 75 inches size mattress is perfect for him/ her.


kid mattress twin xl It usually comes with a dimension around 38 x 80 inches, which means twin xl adds 5 inches to the length of twin size.

You’ll get Twin or Twin XL mattresses for your child at very affordable prices, but you have to replace twin xl as your kid grows.

So, it’s wise to buy this 38 x 80 inches size mattress for older kids if you have another younger kid who can use the same mattress in the future when the older one moves to the bigger mattress.


kid mattress twin full The standard dimension for twin xl is 54 x 75 inches that mean it adds 16 inches to the width of the twin mattress size.

Please, remember that his or her level of development determines the mattress’s best size for your kids.

Queen and full-sized mattress will be better if your child likes an additional room to move around.

A full bed size will allow your kid to grow with and enjoy a durable product he/ she will probably always remember.


mattress comfort level Kid’s mattress also has various comfort levels, such as firm, extra firm, plush, ultra-plush, soft, etc.

Keep in mind that there is a minimum number of hours your child should sleep and have good rest daily. The level of comfort of kids’ mattresses greatly affects the sleep cycle of your kid. Undoubtedly, quality sleep has been said to facilitate growth and learning in young children.

To ensure a night of restful, healthy sleep for your children, it’s significant to choose comfortable mattresses. Such poses an awesome comfort layer.

If it doesn’t, your kid will end up turning and tossing throughout the night. The result is poor, insufficient sleep, which will lead to various adverse effects.

Several quality mattress producers give room for certain night sleep trials to ascertain that your child derives the highest comfort from the mattress. After such a sleep trial, a report of discomfort may result in the return of such a mattress.

4. Support Type

Mattress Support Support is essential to ensure your growing child gets healthy sleep. The proper support that a mattress offers is vital to a child’s bone and spinal development.

The ability of a mattress to provide evenly support to the growth of the various proportion of your kid is vital. Foam mattresses that sag or reveals body impression are unfit when matters concerning support are being considered. Mattresses with awesome pressure relief ability are top-notch.

It would be best if you avoided plushy and too soft mattresses. Instead, select the plush-firm surfaces that will provide them the proper support they need. Bed type with more foam layers should be encouraged. It is strongly advised to return an inappropriate bed within the trial period.

5. Kid’s Health Issue

Kid's Health Issue When you’re deciding to buy a kid mattress, consider your kid’s health issues (such as allergies).

It is important to note that some mattresses have been researched to emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) in a sufficient quantity to affect the health of young children. This is possible because of the close contact of children with the mattress daily.

The non-organic mattress may cause a bad reaction in children with allergies. In this case, you should go for hypoallergenic kid’s mattresses.

Which One Is Better For Kids- Firm Or Plush Mattress?

Firm Or Plush Mattress A too-soft bed can conform to a child’s face and lead to improper spine alignment. It has the potential to lead to back issues and improper posture.

For this reason, the soft or medium-firm mattress can be best for your toddler. But, toddlers don’t need the same firmness in their mattress required in their infant stage.

Mattress firmness scale is rated from 12 to 50. A rating above 36 indicates the firm level.

Let’s see the various firmness levels to assist you in identifying what is exactly required for your children:

Plush- the mattress which has an ILD rating of less than 25. Ideal for side sleepers.

Firm- the mattress which has an ILD rating higher than 31. Great for kids who prefer stomach sleeping.

Medium- the mattress which has an ILD rating of 25 to 31. Medium-firm mattresses are recommended for the majority of sleepers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is The Best Recommendation For Children Having Allergies?

Choose an organic mattress or one made of natural, hypoallergenic materials, such as Certipur Us Certified organic wool, cotton, natural latex, bamboo, and so on.

Such natural materials are breathable and can resist dust mites, microbes, and mites.

They also prevent the build-up of allergens in the bed. These mattress types are always dry and clean.

What Firmness is Better For Kids?

Firmness levels that are best for your children depend on their body weight. The decision on the firmness level is sometimes a difficult one.

However, a medium-firm mattress is the most appropriate for the majority of children. It has an excellent pressure relief effect and a nice comfort layer.

As children have less weight, the medium-firm mattresses feel firmer as soft to them.

However, a firmer mattress will be required as the children grow.

Why Should I Use a Mattress Topper To The Bed?

To adjust the firmness of the mattress according to your children’s comfort and need, you can use a mattress topper. They provide support majorly and can prolong the life span of your mattress.

Sagging is generally delayed with the use of a mattress topper. They also add a cushion layer to mattresses that had lost plumpness.

If you are interested in your mattress’s firm support and longevity, then a mattress topper is of importance.

Final Word

Choosing the right kids mattress for your kids helps them get a better night’s sleep and everything your child needs.

It is tough to pick the best mattress for kids, but after going through our kid’s Mattress Buying Guide and Review, where we’ve reviewed the five best options for your kid’s mattress, you’re now well-informed and educated enough on this matter.

Hopefully, buying the right bed for your kid is no more a daunting task for you.

Remember, your kid deserves one of the best mattresses for kids.

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