How to Get Baby to Sleep in Crib?

Do you know that newborn babies sleep almost 14 to 18 hours a day? So, it does not come as a big surprise that your baby sleeps anytime anywhere except for the crib. This is a real challenge for many parents. And so, it is obvious that parents want to find the secret formula.

They want to know how to get baby to sleep in crib. Assuming that you want to find that out too as you are here. So, let’s get started to deal with this problem.


Why Baby Needs A Crib?

Many parents believe that babies do not need a crib. And many parents, especially mothers feel that way with their babies. As they believe that the baby might be safer with her in a bed rather than being in a crib. While it may be tempting to put the baby in bed with you, it is not safe. Instead, it is better to train them to sleep in a crib mattresses or a bassinet for their own safety.

Furthermore, getting a baby to sleep in a crib allows parents to sleep better which helps them get through the rest of their day’s activities.

But how to get baby to sleep in crib? That’s a million dollar question that had no answer till now. Because with time and persistence, anyone can train a newborn baby to sleep in his or her own crib. And you can too after reading this.

How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib?

How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib

That is a common problem as babies spend 9 months in the womb of their mother. So they prefer to fall asleep near theirs or in the arms of the father. And for that reason, babies don’t like to sleep in a crib especially if you keep the crib in a separate bedroom.

To get your baby adapt to its new sleeping arrangements, it is better to keep the crib in your bedroom within a remote distance. This helps the baby to feel comfortable with the sleeping space. And with time the baby will get accustomed with its sleeping bed. When it does, you can move the crib back to its original place.

Avoid Checking

Parents go to the crib from time to time to see how their baby is doing. But that is something you should try to avoid. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t check on them. But do that discreetly and don’t go frequently.

Let them be on their own. Only go to see if the baby is crying, but then return to your own bed or daily tasks so it learns to fall asleep in the cradle without you. You wanted to know how to get baby to sleep in crib. That’s how you get them to sleep in their crib. Check and comfort the baby when it cries.

But then you need to learn to walk away so that the baby finally learns to fall asleep on his own. Although it may seem cruel to let a baby cry alone for a period of time. But this approach emphasizes that the baby will soon adapt and learn that time in the crib which means bedtime for him.

Make Sure Your Baby Is Awake When You Put Him In The Crib

While many newborns fall asleep while nursing or are bottle fed, it is helpful to teach the child that sleep time is something they can initiate on their own.

Once you have finished feeding and changing the diaper, put the baby in the bassinet when they are drowsy and not fully asleep. This will help them learn to calm down and get them to sleep in the crib on their own.

Create A Consistent Routine For Your Baby

Consistent routines work as sleep initiation which helps to make the baby feel drowsy before being placed in the crib. Bathing, feeding, putting on a clean diaper, rocking the baby gently, singing a lullaby, and then putting the baby in the cradle is a typical routine for many newborns parents. So, try to do some sort of routine with your baby. Because then the baby will be more likely to fall asleep on his own in the crib once you do that routine.

Wait Until The Baby Shows Signs

Wait until the baby shows signs of being ready to put to sleep in his crib. Because if you put a baby to sleep in his crib when he is active and playful, and still not tired, you will only make him awake even more.

If you wait to see signs that the baby is ready to sleep, such as rubbing the eyes, yawning and getting in and out of the early stage of sleep, it will be easier for the baby to sleep placidly in his crib, because he will be tired.

Wrap Your Baby In A Blanket

Newborns are accustomed to a relatively tight environment, so wrapping it tightly can help the baby to fall asleep for longer. Not only can it be a source of comfort, it also helps minimize the startle reflexes that can wake the baby. To wrap the baby, fold the blanket into a large triangle and place your baby in the middle.

Cover the baby with one side of the blanket, wrapping it firmly around the body and tucking it under the body. Take the other side of the triangle and fold it over the baby, again pushing it under your body as you place it in the crib. It seems nothing to you but for a baby, the tight sheath around it feels like a safety net.

Final Word

The mystery of how to get baby to sleep in crib is solved. We just let you know all the things that you can do to make your baby get adjusted to its crib. Hopefully, the above tips will come to your rescue. Just be patient and give some time.

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