When Can A Baby Sleep On His Stomach?

No doubt, you’ve heard a lot about the baby sleeping position and sleeping safety warnings. Right?

When it comes to baby sleeping, every parent has heard that babies should sleep on their back. After a lot of extensive researches, the medical community has concluded that in order to prevent SIDS, the baby should be placed on his or her back for nighttime sleeping and even for a nap.

But it’s also proved that it’s best to let your baby sleep in his or her preferred position. In fact, a baby prefers different sleeping position at different ages. If your baby repeatedly doesn’t change a certain sleeping position, this position may not be the safest for your baby. If baby doesn’t settle well or stay on her side or back, stomach sleeping is all right.

But, when can a baby sleep on his stomach?

When is it safe for a baby?

To learn more, keep reading our article.

Baby Sleep On Stomach- The Safe Sleep Guidelines

The stomach-sleeping risk factor for SIDS doesn’t mean that you should worry all the time you keep your baby stomach down to sleep. It’s important to follow the safe sleep guidelines with your baby. Of course, you’ll be sure to follow other precautions to reduce SIDS throughout his or her first year. Be sure,

  • Your baby’s bedding surface is firm enough with a fitted cover.
  • There is nothing else in the crib, such as blankets, stuffed toys, soft pillows, or even crib bumper.
  • Your baby isn’t overdressed. Dress your baby in light layers for sleep.
  • Your baby’s sleeping environment isn’t overheated.
  • Keep your baby’s crib near your bed, so that you can keep an eye on him.
  • Don’t allow anyone smoke in his sleeping room.

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When Can a Baby Sleep On His Stomach? -Everything You MUST KNOW

Stomach Sleeping- Is It Really Harmful To a Baby?

In the previous generation, tummy-down sleeping was the preferred baby’s sleeping position. But, some parents of our generation are still lobbying to put their babies to sleep on their stomach. But why do they prefer their babies to sleep on their stomach?

Parents were advised to place their babies on their stomach to sleep since it reduced the risk that the baby would vomit and then congest during the night. It’s also important for your baby to spend some time on his belly while he’s awake.

It’s found that if your little one is always on his back, he or she may get a flat spot on his (or her) back. Although this tends to go away over time, it’s found that your baby’s shoulder, neck, and head muscles aren’t getting adequate exercise if he’s always on his back.

On the other hand, when your baby is on his (or her) stomach, he (or she) can look up, right and left to see objects and people. This movement helps his (or her) skull rounding out and consequently, it helps to strengthen his (or her) shoulder, trunk, and neck. Later on, it’ll help him (or her) to sit up quickly. Furthermore, eye muscles get stronger when your little one looks around during tummy time.

These are obviously some of the good sides of TUMMY TIME of your baby, but what about the TUMMY SLEEP?

Researchers show that stomach-sleeping babies quickly learn to crawl and roll. In fact, these need a lot of practice on the belly. On the other hand, back sleeper baby takes more time to reach these milestones.

Now, there is the question of stomach-sleeping safety. Is it okay for babies to sleep on their stomach?

The simple answer is “NO” if he (or she) is a premature baby or has health problems.

When Can A Baby Sleep On His Stomach? -The Tummy Sleep Tips

Studies show that the risk of SIDS is high between 1 to 4 months of age. But it remains a threat until the babies are 1 year old.

If your baby’s age is around 6 months and has a good trunk and head control and you’re able to supervise him, let him lots of tummy playtime when he’s awake. Also, let him sleep a specific period on his tummy. As, at this age, babies are strong enough to roll from front to back and back to front by himself if he needs to. So, you don’t need to be worried about him rolling onto his tummy during sleep. But you should still place him on his back to sleep until he is 1 year old. And, it’s essential to supervise him during his tummy sleeping.

At about 3-4 months of age, many babies learn to roll. And this is an important milestone for greater mobility in the coming months. But many parents become worried when they find their babies sleeping on their stomach.

In This Case, Do You Leave Your Baby On His Stomach?

First of all, if your baby is premature or has health problems, you should talk to your healthcare provider. But if your baby is healthy and strong enough to roll from the back onto his stomach, he likely has the neurological maturity and muscle control to change his position. Simply to say, if your baby can roll onto his stomach and roll onto his back himself, undoubtedly he can sleep safely that way. But it’s recommended that you should start his each sleep time onto his back. If then he rolls onto his tummy, you can leave him to sleep that way.

To Sum Up:

  • 1-3 months: always put your baby on his back.
  • 3-5 months: put your baby on his back to sleep and allow him plenty of tummy time when he’s awake.
  • 5-12 months: put your baby on his back to sleep, but don’t worry if he rolls over in the night.
  • 12 months and older: Let your baby sleep in a position he or she wants to.

Final Word

Whether you baby is rolling on his stomach or not, baby sleep problems are always tough to deal with. You want your baby to sleep, but also you want your baby to sleep SAFELY. Right?

The best sleeping position for a newborn is on his back. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. But, don’t forget to allow your baby plenty of tummy time during the day.

Hope, after reading our article on “When can a baby sleep on his stomach”, you’ve found the solutions.

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