How Long Do Mattresses Last?

How long do mattresses last? That is a legitimate inquiry when anyone is thinking to buy a new mattress. And to this query, some will say 5 years, while some will say 7-10 years as there is no definitive answer.

As there are many aspects one needs to understand first before get to know the thing they want to know. And if you don’t make amends with the ballpark numbers and want to know the actual life cycle of your mattress then you are at the right place.

After reading this article you will know how long do mattresses last and also you can do your part to make them last a bit longer.


How Long Do Mattresses Last?

First of all, how will you know if the mattress is out of order? This is something first you must know. Because sometimes people even don’t realize that they need to change their beds. Over time, the basic integrity of the materials that provide support and comfort degrades. And that results in a gradual decrease of the rest provided by the mattress.

So, if you wake up in pain (especially if you’ve gone to sleep without them) you’ll realize for yourself how long do mattresses last.

But if you want a time period then you should know that after 10 years no mattress retains its original qualities. Thus, it must be replaced. The duration of a mattress depends mainly on the quality of the mattress since the mattresses are divided according to their qualities, from a low range to a high range.

The high-end mattresses will logically be manufactured using high-quality components that will have greater durability. In spite of this, the maximum time of use advisable for a mattress is of 10 years, after this period the mattress will show deficiencies that will be harmful to the health and well-being of the person who uses it.

Lifespan Of Different Type Of Mattresses

For many, the durability of the mattress plays the vital role while choosing their mattress. As we know while most people prefer either the spring mattress or the foam one. So, let’s see how long do each mattress last and how will we know they have lost their durability.

Spring Mattress
Spring mattresses are popular for their stability comparing to the other type of mattresses. So, they last longer than others. And for your information, a well-made spring mattress can easily last for 8-10 years depending on its use.

But how do one will know if the spring mattress has served its lifetime. That is quite straightforward to understand. As you know such mattresses use coils within which provides the support and firmness. So, when you will find loose coils which might poke around your back. Plus, disfigured bumps on the mattress clearly indicates that it is finished. And that is the time you look out for brand new springs.

Foam Mattress
On the other hand, foam mattresses serve for at least 5-7 years. After that, it is advised to begin to analyze the health of your mattress on a regular basis.

It is quite easy to know when such mattresses show signs of replacement. Like the obvious sagging. And when you sleep on it, you will feel like sinking in the quicksand. When you see such signs you know its time for a new mattress.

How Can Mattress Last Longer?

One of the reasons that mattresses don’t last as their predicted lifespan is because we don’t take care of it. But only if we take care of it every day we might expand the life cycle of it by a year or so. And here are some tips that you can follow to do the same.

Sheets are not enough protection. Think that our body rests for many hours on the mattress and a simple sheet will not prevent dust, dirt, moisture in it. To prevent this from happening it is best to use a protective cover or mattress cover. So, start using a mattress protector if you’re not using one right now.

Why use one? Because when you drop drinks on the mattress or your kids wet the bed, then the mattress soaks the liquids. And that might compromise the integrity of the components of the bed.

For instance, it might cause degradation of the materials, can cause mold problems and I don’t need to say about the unpleasant odors due to the spill. That is why everyone should use protectors which will let you keep your mattress dry in spite of the drink splash. But that is not all. It also comes handy for those sweat a lot while sleeping. Plus, mites won’t affect the mattress too. Such little step can increase the lifespan which you can’t imagine.

Some people don’t consider cleaning their mattress when they use the protectors. But like the people who don’t use the protectors you should also clean the stuff to keep it dust free and clean.

While cleaning you have to take special care, since it is much easier to cause mishaps and damage to the mattress. It is common advice to vacuum the mattress: well as long as there are the mites and no fibers near the surface. Because you don’t want to be sucking fibers that are part of the quilting.

With appropriate care, the durability of the mattress can be extended. This includes, for example, a regular turning of the mattress. Ideally, you should flip the mattress after every one or two months to ensure even wear.

Do not make the bed as soon as you get up, it’s good to let the mattress breathe for at least 20 minutes. In this way, we will avoid the appearance and increase of bacteria and mites.

Final Word

Hopefully, now you got the idea of how long do mattresses last. And also, you know what you can do from yourself to extend its durability.

Let us know what you think about it and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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