Is a Memory Foam Mattress Good For a Child?

Many people are concerned when they know about the harmful compounds that exist in memory foam such as toxic flame retardants and formaldehyde. These hormone-altering compounds have linked with increased risks to specific health issues such as developmental brain disorders infertility obesity and even cancer. But it has improved a lot since it first invented. Read on to find out is a memory foam mattress good for a child.


What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam makes out of the polymer called polyurethane. You’re going to find this Material in objects like car seats, sofas and, more importantly, like today, mattresses. Memory foam has this soft, slowly moving quicksand feel. You slowly sink into the bed.

What Does Memory Foam Feel Like?

What Does Memory Foam Feel LikeThe memory foam mattress is super popular and a lot of people out there like the feel of it. In general, as you lay down on memory foam, you’ll slowly sink into the bed, and the foam will sort of contour to your body shape and hug you. The foam is shaping to your specific body mostly bris. A memory foam mattress will feel slightly different. Some are softer, and some have a dense feel, and some have a little bit of a lighter feel.

One reason memory foam is an excellent material in a mattress is because of the motion isolation. If you’re a light sleeper and share your bed with someone and you don’t want to feel moving around in bed at night. Then memory foam is the best Material and keeping that motion isolation away from you.

Different Types of Memory Foam

There are two types of memory foam: regular memory foam and gel memory foam.

Regular memory foam

Regular memory foam has very light and tiny holes on the cross-sectional. It has a very weak porous because of the small holes, and the foam has less breathability. Also, it was heating up during warm kind of temperatures and make uncomfortable sleep. The gel memory foam was heat away from the body; that’s why some people feel that they sleep a little bit warm when they’re on memory foam.

Gel memory foam

Gel memory foam helps pull the heat away from your body and create less of that warm sensation. This memory foam has two different types. Frist kind of Material is it absorbs heat. This Material Material absorbs heat as it melts and releases it as it solidifies.

Another type is phase-changing Material, also known as PCMs. Science says, this material help to absorb your temperature when you are sleeping and release heat.

So choose the right type of foam for better sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

Memory foam mattress few things feel as good as a good night’s sleep. But especially true if rest seems to escape you night after night. If you’ve heard about memory foam, you may wonder if it could improve the quality of your sleep. Some people swear by it, and others are less enthusiastic. What are the benefits of memory foam? Here’s information to help you decide whether memory foam is worth a try what is it.

Memory foam first designed in the mid-1960s for NASA airplane seats. Memory foam made from a substance called viscoelastic. It is both highly energy absorbent and soft.

Memory foam moulds the body in response to heat and pressure evenly distributing body weight. Then returns to its original shape once you remove the stress. In addition to protecting against impact, these properties make memory foam very comfortable.

After its perch in flight for NASA memory foam made a foray into other applications, for example, is used as cushioning in helmets and shoes. Medicine found a use for it in prosthetics and to prevent pressure ulcers such as sitting pads for people who are severely disabled. Then memory foam took off it’s now well known for its use in pillows mattress pads and mattresses which come in different densities and depth.

Five advantages of the memory foam mattress you should know buying a memory foam.

Pressure Relief

It provides one of the better materials for pressure relief. Memory foam is a slow response material; there is no push back against your body. So you should have feel pressure in those sensitive spots like your shoulders and your hips which are typically going to be more susceptible.

Sensitivity to weight

That will benefit you if you are a couple sleeping in the same bed. Usually, there is always a difference in weight between the man and the woman. If one person continually moves in a regular bed, this could disturb the other person’s.

Sensitivity to temperature

When a person lies down on a memory foam mattress, the foam material will absorb the heat from their body and softened. When purchasing a bed, some people might be concerned about it becoming too hot. However, nowadays mattresses are built with an air exchange system that overcomes this.

Adjusts to your body to provide support

Another fantastic advantage of owning a memory foam mattress is the total support that it provides. When you first lay on the bed, you will feel it adjust the contours of your body. Your neck and spine will be held in perfect alignment. You will be able to explore how the Material is adequately supporting your body from head to toe.


Since its first designed memory foam mattresses have become more affordable.

Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

There are also some disadvantages to memory foam mattresses. Let’s see what they are.

The odour of memory foam

Mattresses tend to off-gas the most and are known for being smelly. That can affect some people, especially those who are sensitive to chemicals. Make sure both the base layer foam and the memory foam are pure.

Heat factor

If your body temperature runs hotter, avoid memory foam. Because memory foam sleeps super hot and the person is waking up in a pile of sweat. It’s for those people who want to sleep hotter.

That is why many memory foam mattresses can feel too hard when it’s cold and not supportive enough when it’s warm. Many manufacturers of memory foam have started adding cooling materials to attempt to address this overheating problem.That is why many memory foam mattresses can feel too hard when it’s cold and not supportive enough when it’s warm. Many manufacturers of memory foam have started adding cooling materials to attempt to address this overheating problem.

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